What’s New at Privé?


Melding the allure of trendsetting exclusivity with contemporary entertainment, Privé will redefine nightlife in Edmonton. Guests can indulge in the latest sensory innovations while escaping into a world that transcends professional service, classic seduction and sophistication.

A voyeuristic design throughout the night club gives guests a bird’s eye view of the Jaw dropping entertainment, VIPs and Edmonton’s beautiful crowd. Prive features a variety of music formats during its three weekly nights, Thursday to Saturday, and offers VIP tables, one lounge to accommodate guests at the beginning of the night, three full-service bars and a lavish main dance floor

Our Great Location

With a location just off of Jasper Avenue, the heart of Edmonton’s business district, Prive will focus on attracting the business and professional working class demographic of Edmonton. Privé will be located at 10304 111 St. NW, in the heart of downtown Edmonton, The 6,000 square foot is situated just off of Jasper Avenue, the epicenter of Edmonton’s business district and one of the most thriving entertainment districts in Edmonton.

Our goal is to situate ourselves apart from our competition by providing all facets of exclusive exemplary service while showcasing a mosaic of world class entertainment. Our vision is to keep Edmonton entertained with the most exquisite venue downtown has to offer, providing more video and electronic technology per square footage, accompanied by beautiful costumed dance entertainment. Privé will be available for private and corporate bookings seven days a week during non-operating hours.

Our Unique Space

The 6,000 square foot facility will be based on a stadium design that will enable our clients to receive the exclusivity and personal service of a private VIP section while still participating in the energy of the overall room. The creation of circumferential tiers will allow customers to attain a panoramic view of the entire space at any location in the room, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but acoustically sound as well.

It is our goal to recreate Edmonton’s nightclub scene, bringing world-class entertainment and A-list clientele together giving everyone a reason to keep their eyes firmly fixed on Downtown Edmonton once again.

Our Key Elements


  • Entertainment that displays an array of eye grabbing spectacles, live instrumental entertainment to accompany DJ’s from around the world to offer the audience a sound Edmonton has never heard of.
  • Distinct design features – Privé nightclub/lounge will be characterized by the elaborate dance club situated in a spectator setting, which will comfortably accommodates guests. The area will also offer an exquisite display of lights to compliment themes, DJ’s, sound, and ambiance in order to captivate the audience. The room is intended for special events and a lounge to ease customers with a fashionable setting. Live DJ’s will be flown in to provide club goers a plethora of entertainment, dancers will mesmerize the audience to captivate their attention, as well as there will be live instrumental music to add diversity to the music being amplified within the room.
  • Location, location, location – One of our major advantages that Privé will have over our competitors will be the proximity to Edmonton’s busiest restaurants and pubs (ie. Cactus, Joeys, Earls, Central Social Hall), which is valued as a high profile portion of Edmonton.
  • Quality of Entertainment – As talked about in our distinct design features live DJ’s will be flown in from around the world to bring in new sounds and new culture’s ni order to add diversity to Privé’s demographic. Dancer’s will be stationed in designated areas of the room to give Prive a more elegant atmosphere, they will be dressed in different costumes each night to give Privé’s patrons a reason to come every week in order to satisfy our customers cravings.
  • Exceptional service – In order to reach and maintain a unique quality image, Privé will provide attentive friendly service through highly trained employees to offer our customers a personal experience. We estimate nearly one staff member for every 40 guests.